Whilst most young people are excited for 6 weeks off school, young carers often dread the long summer breaks. School holidays mean that young carers are apart from their friends and supports and as a result, often feel isolated. It is often the case that young carers, due to the nature of their caring role, miss out on opportunities to have fun such as days out and summer breaks.

At Renfrewshire Carers Centre, our mission is to ensure carers have a life outside of their caring role and so this summer we wanted to ensure that young carers in Renfrewshire had a range of activities throughout July that they could participate in.

Splastastic Summer Swimming Group!

Thanks to Local Area Committee Funding for physical activities we were able to run a weekly swimming group throughout July. 

31 young carers aged between 8-18 accessed this group, with over 60 different attendances over the four weeks. 

Flipping Fun at Flip Out Glasgow!

                                    On 5th July, 16 young carers aged 8-11 and on 12th July, 14 young carers aged 11-14 enjoyed bouncing about!

Thanks to Flip Out Glasgow for offering us free bounce time.


Edinburgh Dungeons Day Out!

On 19th July, 18 young carers aged 14-18 joined us for a terrifyingly terrific day in the Capital.

Thanks to Merlins Magic Wand for the free tickets. 


Ready, Steady, Respite!

On 26th of July, 22 of our 8-11 year old young carers escaped from Renfrewshire for a  3 day break at PGL Dalguise. Making new friends, trying new outdoor activities and pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.  


Festival Fun! 

From Wednesday 31st July to Friday 2nd August, 14 of our 14-18 year old young carers attended the Scottish Young Carers Festival for 2 nights of carefree camping.



July was pretty busy, but we're delighted that overall we recorded 144 attendances in 4 short weeks. Ensuring young carers had the chance to get a break from their caring role and most importantly have FUN. 

Summer 2019 was a blast! To keep up to date with everything that's going on at Renfrewshire Carers Centre check out our Facebook page for daily updates and pictures.