We are Delighted to announce that we have successfully secured funding from Shared Care Scotland to provide Time To Live Grants to Carers throughout 2020! 


Carers (who are caring for someone over the age of 21 and who have not had a respite break for at least three years) can apply for a respite break of their choice.

Respite breaks can include short breaks away, beauty and spa treatments, trips to the theatre  or even gym memberships. 

Carer Fiona O'Donnell applied for Time To Live Funding and received £300 - which included a top up  by Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership's Louden Fund. Fiona used this to purchase an annual gym membership from Renfrewshire Leisure. 

Fiona said "I've been using the gym membership for a couple of weeks now and it's been brilliant. You don't realise how isolated you've become."

"Just getting out and doing things with people is great. I can get out by myself and it's wonderful. I don't worry at all for that hour."

"Sleeping is an issue for me. I've often got things on my mind. After I've been to a class I feel tired but I feel more relaxed and I'm sleeping better."

Applications for 2020 are now being accepted.

Please note we have made changes to the criteria therefore, please only apply via a member of staff.   

The leaflet and Guidance notes are available here.

To make an application please call us on 0141 887 3643