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Information & Advice

We’re here to help in any way we can. Here you can find support information and FAQs, including accessing the Citizens Advice Bureau and Fuel Bank Foundation through ourselves.

Carers Act 

From April 1st 2018, the Act places new requirements on the Local Authorities to support Carers, which include:
  • A duty to prepare an Adult Carer Support Plan
  • A duty to prepare a Young Carer Statement
  • A duty for the local authority to provide support to Carers whose needs meet the local eligibility criteria
  • A duty to provide information and advice service to Carers on, amongst other things, emergency and future care planning, advocacy, income maximisation and Carers’ rights
  • A requirement for the local authority to consider whether support should be received in the form of a break from caring
  • A duty for Local Health Boards to involve Carers in hospital discharge
  • A duty to prepare a local Carers Strategy

Financial Advice

In partnership with Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau, a CAB adviser is in the Carers Centre weekly on a Tuesday from 10am – 3pm. The following services will be available:
  • Benefits check/income maximisation
  • Completion of benefit applications (inc. PIP)
  • Attendance Allowance etc
  • Energy advice including grants
  • General consumer advice
  • Housing advice
  • Complaints
If you would like to book an appointment, please call us on 0141 887 3643 or email

We have partnered with the Fuel Bank Foundation to support our registered Carers who have a prepayment meter and who find themselves in Fuel ‘Crisis’. A crisis is when the Carer has run out of electricity and/or gas and has no money to top-up or they will run out of electricity/gas in the next 48 hours.

The Fuel Bank Foundation provide same-day relief. If you need help with getting this set up, please contact us directly on 0141 887 3643 and let our team know you need an emergency crisis Fuel Bank top-up.

Energy Bill Support 2, Renfrewshire Carers Centre

Answers to frequently asked questions


Am I an unpaid Carer?

You are an unpaid Carer if you provide unpaid support and care for someone who has an illness, disability, mental health problem or addiction and cannot cope without your support.

You might not see yourself as a Carer yet you might be helping with everyday tasks such as personal care or emotional support such as helping someone cope with the symptoms of a mental illness.

There’s a range of support available to help improve your quality of life and to help you continue in your caring role.

Who can access the Service?

If you are caring for a family member, neighbour friend and live in the Renfrewshire then you can access our services. We can provide you with support, regardless of how many hours of Care you provide.

I live outside the Renfrewshire area can I still access the service?

If you live outside Renfrewshire you can access advice & information, training and an Adult Carers Support Plan can be completed if the cared for lives in Renfrewshire.

Our Support

What is an Adult Carer Support Plan?

An Adult Carer Support Plan helps you to think about what support you may need to help you to continue to provide care. It also looks at ways that you can be supported to have a life outside of your caring role. The plan will also set out any needs that you have, and how these needs will be met.

What is a Young Carer Statement?

From 1st of April 2018, all young Carers are entitled to a Young Carer Statement.

When completing a Young Carers Statement, we will find out more about the young person and how their caring role may affect their schoolwork, job or overall wellbeing.

Completing a statement will help get you the right support if you need it.