As workers wind down for the festive period, it is important to remember that Renfrewshire’s 17,759 unpaid carers are still providing their loved ones with endless support throughout the festivities. Carers, unlike paid workers do not get a break from caring and cannot simply stop for the holidays and put their feet up.

With carers making up around 10% of Renfrewshire’s population, it is crucial that they know what support is available to them.

A Carer is someone who looks after or intends to look after, a partner, friend or relative who are unable to cope without support due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction.


 ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’

We would like all carers to give the gift of self-care to themselves this Christmas. It is important to look after yourself. Carers often prioritise the person they care for and allow their own health and wellbeing to deteriorate. You can take small steps to look after yourself such as insuring you attend routine health check –ups and getting your FREE Flu Jab – that all carers are entitled to, visit for more information on this.

You could also attend one of Renfrewshire Carers Centre’s Support Groups for emotional and peer support.


Know your rights!

Carers have new rights under the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016. This means that the Local Authority has a duty to support carers by preparing Adult Carer Support Plans.

An Adult Carer Support Plan helps you to think about what support you may need to help you to continue to provide care. It also looks at ways that you can be supported to have a life outside of your caring role. An Adult Carer Support Worker from Renfrewshire Carers Centre or a member of Renfrewshire’s Health and Social Care Partnership Team will work with you to complete an Adult Carer Support Plan. Please call us on 0141 887 3643 to find out more.


Alternatively, to find out more information about your rights as a carer, please come along to our ‘Cupcakes and Carers Rights Day’ on Thursday 21st November, in the Carers Centre.