Following on from our successful Carers survey to find out how COVID had impacted on you and what help is needed to continue to care. We want to build on the results, which were very powerful, and it is now even more vitally important to make sure Carers voices are heard

To keep this momentum going we would like to establish a Carers Panel made up of 100 Carers looking after people with varying conditions, living in different localities, gender, age, utilising different services etc. This will give a broad range of opinion to ensure that Carers are consulted from all different circumstances and sectors of the community.

We hope that different departments within the Renfrewshire Health & Social Care Partnership, Renfrewshire Council, NHS and Partnership agencies will see this as a valued group to consult with.

Initial thoughts are this group would get questions sent to them once a month about particular topics e.g. Carers Adult Support Plans/Young Carers statements. Be involved in consultations that are happening in the area or give views and opinions on service provision.  Information gathered will reflect the Carers voices throughout Renfrewshire as it is from a diverse group of Carers. You may have topics yourself you would like discussed. We envisage that this will only take an hour of your time a month.

We would  value your input and if you are interested in being part of the 100 could you please  e-mail to or  telephone on 0141 887 3643 and we will send you out a joining form- who knows in future  it maybe the 500 we talk about- from little acorns grow

We value your thoughts and opinions and if you have other suggestions on consulting with Carers please let us know.