Adult Carers

Renfrewshire Carers Centre supports adult Carers by providing a range of services listed below.


We offer a range of events and activities to allow Carers time away from their caring role and the opportunity to socialise with other Carers in similar situations.

New Carers to the Centre, can, if they wish be allocated an Adult Carer Support Worker. You can make a referral online or you can call and speak to a member of staff on  0141 887 3643.

We’re here to help in any way we can. Here you can find support information and FAQs, including accessing the Citizens Advice Bureau through ourselves.

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A Carer is someone who looks after or intends to look after a partner, friend or relative who is unable to cope without support due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction.

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We’ve got grants you can take advantage of to get the time out for yourself and take a well-deserved break from your caring role.

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Staff can provide a listening ear for Carers who are struggling emotionally, feeling isolated or are in need of support with their caring role.

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Our support groups provide Carers with a place where they can meet, receive support, information and advice, and staff support as well as time out from their caring role.

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The Carers Advocacy Service provides 1:1 Advocacy to Carers who are experiencing issues as a direct result of their caring role.

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Our short training courses give Carers the chance to improve their caring skills, knowledge, and offers opportunities to learn from other Carers. The courses are based around caring for someone with a particular condition as well as providing tools for looking after the Carer’s own health and wellbeing.

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Our Care at Home service is a social enterprise that provides high quality, personalised, social care support services to clients of all ages. We work in an inclusive, person-centered way to meet our client’s individual requirements and we can provide services from a few hours to 24 hours per day.

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An Emergency Plan will detail the immediate care needs of the person who’s cared for. This includes support needs, daily routine, risks and the contact details of family members and/or friends.
Carers will be issued with a Carers Emergency Card, which will identify them as a Carer. Should an emergency occur, the Carers Emergency Card will alert services that a plan is in place and health, social care and other support services can be arranged, as necessary.


To complete a Carers Emergency Plan, click here: Carers Emergency Plan

Please don’t print the form – fill the form in via desktop, tablet or mobile, download/save your edited file and then send to

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