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Annual Report 2019/20

    Following our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 8th September you can now download our 2019/20 Annual Report here.  If you have any questions, or would like the report…
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Summer Newsletter

Read our Summer Newsletter for the latest updates on Carers Week, Carers Training, Carers Support Groups and more!  If you would like to participate in any of our groups or…

Covid 19 – Adult Carers Support Plans

When completing an Adult Carer Support plan, you would normally  meet with an Adult Carer Support Worker who would, if required support you to complete your  plan. As this is…
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Caring & Coronavirus

We understand that carers will be concerned about the impact the Coronavirus or Covid-19 may have on your health or the health of your loved one. Renfrewshire Carers Centre aims…

Privacy Statement

In order for Renfrewshire Carers Centre to continue to provide services to carers, we require written consent for you and the person that you care for.  Please note, this new…

Time To Live Funding – 2020!

  We are Delighted to announce that we have successfully secured funding from Shared Care Scotland to provide Time To Live Grants to Carers throughout 2020!    Carers (who are…