Compliments and Complaints


It is always good to hear if you appreciate the work undertaken by one of our staff or volunteers and would encourage you to complete the compliments form. This will be passed on to the staff member or volunteer to show how much you appreciate their support.


Complaints about any of our Care Inspectorate Services- i.e. ADHD groups, Respite Sitting Service and Care at Home service can be made at any time to the Care Inspectorate.

Care Inspectorate

Compass House

11 Riverside Drive

Dundee DD1 4NY

Tel 0345 6009527


Stage 1 – Informal Complaint

If you are unhappy with any of the Centre Services, contact the Centre and ask to speak to the Line Manager of the relevant service. The Line Manager will discuss the problem with you and try and resolve any issues. If you are dissatisfied after speaking with the Line Manager you will be told of the formal complaints procedure.

If you wish you can go immediately to stage 2 of the complaints procedure.

Stage 2 – Formal Complaint

A formal complaint must be made in writing,  using our Complaints Form.

If you need assistance with making a formal complaint about the Advocacy service you will be given details of You  First Advocacy.

Within five working days of receiving your complaint, we will send you a letter explaining we are investigating your complaint. The Centre Manager shall consider what steps are appropriate in responding to the complaint; these may include problem solving, conciliation and/or negotiation. You will receive a written detailed response to your complaint within 28 days after receiving our first letter, or if we need to investigate further tell you how long it will take us to reply to your complaint.

If the complaint concerns the Centre Manager, this will immediately go to Stage 3.

Stage 3 – Appeal

If you are still not happy with our response, you can appeal by writing to us within 10 days of receiving our response to your complaint. Within five working days of receiving your appeal letter, we will send you a letter explaining we are investigating the matter.

Appeals will be heard by two members of the Board of Directors. A meeting of two Board of Directors will be called within six weeks of receiving the appeal letter. Each board member shall receive a file of all paperwork concerning the complaint. The Line Manager, Centre Manager shall attend for the purpose of reporting and giving information but shall leave the meeting before any decision is taken.

A written response shall be drawn up as a result of any decisions taken by the Chairperson of the meeting and that response shall be recorded and sent to the complainant within ten working days after the appeal meeting.

This marks the end of the Complaints Procedure and if the complainant remains dissatisfied, she/he should be informed by the Centre Manager of any other separate procedure, which may be appropriate to the case.

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Your compliment will be passed on to the staff member or volunteer to show how much you appreciate their support


If you have a complaint against our Advocacy Service, please contact

You First, 47 Causeyside Street, Paisley.

Tel: 0141 849 1229


When completed this form should be sent to:

Renfrewshire Carers Centre
Unit 55, Embroidery Mill,
Abbey Mill Business Centre
Paisley, PA1 1TJ
Tel: 0141 887 3643