Adult Carer Support Plan

A carer is someone who looks after or intends to look after a partner, friend or relative who are unable to cope without support due to illness, disability a mental health problem or an addiction.

Renfrewshire Carers Centre have a dedicated team of Adult Support Workers who will help you get the right information and support. Your Adult Support Worker will offer you the option of completing an Adult Carer Support Plan which can help get you the correct support.  

What to expect from an Adult Carer Support Plan

An Adult Carer Support Plan helps you to think about what  support you may need to help you to continue to provide care. It also looks at ways that you can be supported to have a life outside of your caring role. The plan will also set out any needs that you have, and how these needs will be met.

Making a plan also helps to decide which level you reach in the local eligibility criteria for support. This will be used to   decide what support you have a right to. If your level of caring is low to moderate your Adult Carer Support Plan will be completed by an Adult Carer Support Worker.  If your caring role is deemed to be of a more critical and substantial level of care, your Adult Carer Support Plan would then be completed by a member of Renfrewshire’s Health and Social Care Partnership Team.

How do you complete an Adult Carer Support Plan?

Before you meet with your Adult Support Worker to look at your plan, it may help if you think about a typical day helping the person you care for and to make notes of any needs or concerns you may have. Think about what a good and bad day looks like. Also think about what might help you cope with your caring role.

When you meet your Adult Support Worker you can tell them what is important to you, and what your aims and hopes are. Your Adult Support Worker will take notes of your conversation and will agree actions with you that will be written into your Adult Carer Support Plan.

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